Feedback From Our Listeners


Praise GOD for this great inovation


Praise GOD for this great inovation and step forward, it enables many if not all of our churches to be connected to head quarters and to follow the leadings of the Holy Spirit. we can thus pray along with those in HQ. I see that in the near future all CMFI churches around the world will be able to...

Dr. Wuntcha

This is wonderfull


This is wonderfull breathren. I am just listening the praying crusade going on. PRAISE THE LORD JESUS ! I personnaly congratulate and bless you people working at this. All those making this great progress, please, we are proud of you.

Joshua Bamigbele

I am listening online


Hey bro, i am listening online now from my computer - a Mac. Not sure how it will work on my mobile phone yet... Its very clear, though on the laptop! This is revolutionary! Congratulations! Well done!!

Ruth Donald



Thank you so much for making the crusade live to me and others. I have changed.Yes I have changed. I praise the Lord for this tool. We can never be the same.Our God has won and He is winning!!!!

Kingsley Okafor

wonderful hearing from the throne of grace


It has been wonderful hearing from the throne of grace through you're faithful servant daddy from Kume to Ebolowa.

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