RVC is on its second programme schedule since it started broadcasting on 24th January 2005. Broadcasting starts at 5 am and stops at midnight every day. Our core programmes are the Gospel Message, the Teaching Message, Bible Reading (in English and in French), and From our Library and Lu Pour Vous (a reading of Christian literature).

  • Gospel Message is broadcast 15 times every day – the same message.
  • The Bible is read 2 times in French and 2 times in English every day.
  • A Christian Book is read in portions, the same portion 3 times each day in French and in English separately.
  • Weekly programmes dwell on marriage, on world events as seen in the light of the Bible and on listeners’ views.
  • Weekly Programmes for children and the youths are still to start.

It is Written!

Target: The General Public

Presenter: Sidoine FONGOH TENDE

Time-slot: Mondays to Fridays from 09:00 to 10:00 (GMT+1)

This 1-hour slot (just like all the others) takes listeners back to the “It is written” of God. After a brief introduction by the host and a few musical notes, priority is given to the first slot “The Sword of the Spirit.” This refers to a proclamation of Scriptures recorded well ahead of time on specific themes. As usual, the various major slots are interspersed with music and sometimes with comments from the host in the studio. There is also “Cœur à cœur” (Reading of a Gospel tract in French); everything that would get listeners back to face the “It is written” of God.


Sur le mont Garizim

Target: General public

Host: Engelbert Yves NDJANA

Time-slot: Saturdays from 07:30 to 09:00 (GMT+1)

This is Saturday morning; the real first day of the week-end in Yaoundé. Listeners are supposed to have gone through relatively trying moments in their various offices or schools, for those who are students. To those who are a little bit indulgent, staying in bed late is just over or perhaps they are observing a break. It is 7:30 am! By tuning the radio transistor, the listener can hear the jingle of “Sur le mont Garizim”. His religious curiosity (if at all he has any) reminds him of Deuteronomy 11 : 29 and 27 : 12. We are on Mount Gerizim: that is exactly the place of blessing. And who would not like to be blessed!

Au Coeur Des Missions

Target: All the saints worldwide and unbelievers

Host: Jacques Judes NJOUONDOU

Time-slot: Mondays to Fridays from 14:30 to 16:30 (GMT+1)

While the devil is working hard to bring discouragement into the lives of God’s children by giving them the impression that nothing is moving, or by seeking to get them disillusioned about the possibility of accomplishing God’s worldwide goal (which is rather being faithfully accomplished), “Au Coeur des missions” is like a platform to refute the slander and the lies of the devil through testimonies of what God is currently doing in our various national and international mission fields. The Santa Cruz prophecy shall be read each time in order to properly refresh the memory of listeners on the context of testimonies that would follow it. By the grace of God, no listener (believer or unbeliever) shall remain indifferent in the face of the reality of the God of the Bible who is at work amongst men today. The former shall be motivated to step out and obey this message, which is still relevant today for the CMFI people in particular, while the latter would like to enter into a relationship with this strong and mighty God who still saves, heals and delivers today. The opportunity shall immediately be granted to them, in the programme, to come to the knowledge of the only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, through the slot “Spring of Living Water” (Gospel Message). In the slot “News about our Ministry,” we inform listeners about CMFI national and international news.

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